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Childrens Chiropractor, Children's ChiropractorEvery parent wants a healthy child. Good health depends upon on a strong and properly functioning immune system.

A properly functioning immune system is one of the keys to a healthy, happy child who will resist infections, allergies, and chronic illnesses. It is best to take more info about health from experts than random assumptions. Or, make sure you refer to verified resources to avoid any complications.

“The cornerstone of good health is a properly functioning immune system.”
– Dr. Andrew Weil, Spontaneous Healing

“For the first time in history, U.S children are sicker than the generation before them. They’re not just a little worse off, they are propitiously worse off physically, emotionally, educationally and developmentally.”
– Judy Converse, MPH, RD, LD, Why Do Pediatricians Deny The Obvious?

Why Emerging Infectious Diseases Are a Threat to America

At least 170,000 Americans die annually from newly emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, a number that could increase dramatically during a severe flu pandemic or yet-unknown disease outbreak. Factors including globalization, increased antimicrobial (drug) resistance, and climate and weather changes are contributing to the increased threat.

Trust For America’s Health

Pressed by patients and advancing technology, health care will soon change its focus from treatment to enhancement, from repair to improvement, from diminished sickness to increased performance. The transformation has already begun. Accompanying this will be an increased emphasis on psychoimmunology, the science that deals with the mind’s role in helping the immune system to fight disease, which will become a vitally important clinical field — perhaps the most important field in the 21st century.

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We have learned much about the immune system in the past twenty-five years. much of it do to with cancer and AIDS research and the information has prompted a shift away from treating illness to preventing it- and this approach begins with a focus on strengthening the immune system.

Strengthening the immune system of the entire family, starting with the children at birth, should be a top priority for all parents.

The immune system consists of the tonsils, adenoids, thymus, bone marrow, spleen, appendix, Peyer’s patches, lymph nodes, and circulating white blood cells.

The job of the immune system is to protect and defend the body against infection from disease-producing microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites that live in our environment.

Read the full report with full references by clicking the image below. And don’t forget to look for a pediatric doctor to get mor information on your your child’s immune system. You can try North Raleigh Pediatrics.

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