My name is Doug. I live in Huntsville, Alabama, and am starting this blog to talk about a few of my favorite things: small locally owned business, healthy options in my community, and the benefits of chiropractic care in everyday life. Actually, I think chiropractic care, along with a DOT certified physical exam, is essential to a fully functioning nervous system, which means I think it is essential to living a full, active, healthy life in every area.

My goal in this blog is to highlight the many wonderful businesses and healthy, fun things going on in Huntsville, while incorporating how chiropractic helps me achieve my health and life goals.

My favorite activities are training for Spartan races, drinking good coffee and wine, playing with my pup, Chewbacca, and welcoming patients at my chiropractic office filled with experts just like this Melbourne chiropractors.


An adjustment from chiropractor services such as spinal decompression therapy for herniated disc can significantly reduce your back and neck pain via a non-invasive technique. Chiropractic treatment is also cheaper than other methods of back pain management. You’ll be able to save yourself from both mild and chronic pain while also reducing your medical costs. The essential services provided by a chiropractor represent a primary approach for the prevention, diagnosis and conservative management of back pain and spinal disorders that can often enable patients to reduce or avoid the need for riskier treatments, such as prescription opioid pain medications and surgery.


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