Chiropractor Owens Cross Roads AL

Chiropractor Owens Cross Roads AL

Visit Dr. Porter and the team of chiropractors at Functional Chiropractic for upper cervical chiropractic care in Owens Cross Road, AL! Functional Chiropractic has been providing chiropractic care to Owens Cross Raods AL for years and takes pride in helping patients find relief from back pain, neck pain, sciatica, and more. Dr. Porter began Functional Chiropractor after suffering from back pain for much of his life himself. The chiropractic care he received changed his life so much that he was inspired to go back to school, study Exercise Science, and use that knowledge for the benefit of others with chronic and back-related pains.

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Chiropractic Treatments

Upper cervical care in Owens Cross Roads AL is best provided by the team from Functional Chiropractic. Our chiropractic care provides many benefits for patients in and around the Owens Cross Roads, AL area suffering from chronic aches and injuries. Our chiropractic treatment begins with an examination, where our team of experts will examine the areas of pain and determine potential causes. Then, we’ll discuss a plan for chiropractic care that is tailored to each patient’s needs. Our goal is to give the best chiropractic care for each patient that will provide relief from pain in a comfortable atmosphere. Our team understands the best chiropractic techniques because many of them have had to undergo chiropractic treatments themselves!

Our chiropractic treatments can provide relief for individuals with:

  • Back Pain
    Migraines & Headaches
    Neck pain
    Sciatica Pain
    Carpal Tunnel
    Weak Immune System
    Pregnancy Pain
    Tension from sitting down at work
    Sports Injuries
    & Much More!

What is Upper Cervical Care?

chiropractic careUpper cervical care is a common need for many individuals seeking relief from chronic pains, sports-related injuries, and ailments that other techniques can’t seem to relieve. Many chronic pains could be cured by simple upper cervical care from Functional Chiropractic.

Upper cervical chiropractors focus on the upper neck, where the many nerves and blood vessels between the brain and torso are connected. This sensitive region can easily become affected and many pains can be remedied by simply restoring the structural balance of this area. By increasing the communication of these nerves in the area, irritation is decreased and relief can be provided for pains.

Often times, upper cervical care chiropractics help to relieve pain from individuals with chronic headaches and other body pains that other treatments couldn’t.

The gentle upper chiropractic treatments from the team at Functional Chiropractic restore balance to the upper back and neck and allow individuals to live a more active, pain-free life!


If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Owens Cross Roads AL, contact Functional Chiropractic! Our upper cervical chiropractic care serves people in the Owens Cross Roads Alabama area who experience a wide variety of pains and strains that modern medicine can’t resolve. Athletes, adults who sit down for much of the day, pregnant women, and individuals with chronic aches visit our office to experience the benefits of our chiropractic care!

Dr. Porter and the team at Functional Chiropractic are proud to be known as the chiropractor Owen Cross Roads AL can trust. Call us today to schedule an appointment and to learn more about how our chiropractic services can help you!

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