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Our Local Business Partners

We would like to acknowledge the following local businesses for their support of Functional Chiropractic and the excellent service they provide to our community. We encourage you to get to know them.

Doc & Teri Porter use several Advocare supplements to keep their bodies in their best shape with enough protein and vitamins, as well as the fan favorite product: SparkSpark might be an office necessity with its delicious flavor and the mental clarity and focus it provides – a Think Drink to help the team provide the best service to their clients and to perform their best in Spartan training!

The super motivating, hilarious, gold-pant wearing Joe Martin of Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp offers group personal training sessions at affordable prices, convenient times, and includes his comedic entertainment for free. Check out the Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp Facebook and website for more information about the morning and evening sessions available to reach your physical fitness goals, and check out Joe’s blog for some insight into how your confidence can skyrocket to gold pant wearing levels.

Dell Watkins of Bikram Yoga will happily challenge you in the hot yoga room. Her Bikram hot yoga and hot Pilates classes will help you accomplish your fitness goals, while helping prevent injury and providing a cardio workout just from being in the room! Put some hot yoga in your fitness routine and enjoy the many benefits of sweating hard with a great workout, stretch, and physical challenge!

Madison Therapies‘ Barry Berryhill has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 8 years. He prides himself on his continuous interest in learning new techniques to always provide the most effective massage options for his clients. Barry works with all types of people, who live all different lives. He has experience working with athletes, dancers, those who sit at desks and those who are on their feet all day. Barry’s work in massage therapy perfectly complements chiropractic work in helping to work out muscle tightness to keep the spine aligned, muscles relaxed, and the nervous system at its best. Check out Barry’s website to quickly and conveniently book your first massage!

Jeff White is one of Huntsville’s most experienced photographers. His grandfather was a well-known photographer in Huntsville before him, and his influence can be seen in Jeff’s work. Jeff’s photos can hardly be described; they are breath-taking and must be experienced as the art they are. Please visit his website to view his photos (you may even see a certain Doctor & Dancer’s wedding photos!)

Offering a wide range of digital marketing services, from web development to Search Engine Optimization to customized marketing strategies for specialists and practitioners in his  Breakthrough Factory program, Mike Broadwell of Tall Hickory Marketing is our go to resource. His unique blend of technical know-how with the creative aspects of marketing makes him a good fit for clients ranging around the world.

These local business partners have not paid for this recommendation. Doc & Teri Porter enjoy using these companies and are excited to send our patients and friends to these local superstars!

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